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Created in 2014, The Erkonauts turned all the knobs to 11 and released their first demo that same year, which sold 1000 copies and received critical acclaim ("Demo of the Month" in Rock Hard Germany #331). The band hit the road September 2014, and toured in USA, Asia, Europe and Russia, getting now to their 100th live performance, and shared the stage with Philm, Prong, Cradle of Filth and Samael.

Their first album, "I Did Something Bad", released on french label Kaotoxin early 2016, was hailed as on of the revelation of 2016 (#1 spot on Hard Force France of February, "Best of 2016 in metal so far" on, #5 spot on one of Top 15 2016) Think of a Prog version of Motorhead that sometimes lean towards Gojira, sometimes toward Mastodon, sometimes even New Model Army; the sound landscape of The Erkonauts is that vast. Coming back harder than before, band released their 2nd album “I Shall Forgive” worldwide on November 10th 2017 through Indie Recordings (Wardruna, 1349, Keep of Kalessin, Kvelertak, Cult of Luna, etc).

"I Shall Forgive" is a major step up from "I Did Something Bad", artistically and commercially. The song writting process was decisive, with no place for trials, errors or hesitation; the performance was painful and gruelling, making it more straight forward while more subtle than their first effort. In the end, the result is an album with a black heart, that still entertain and pushing you to move forward, making it a great soundtrack for the best moments of your life.



The Erkonauts’ first self-released album "I Did Something Bad" got sold out in a few months and was widely acclaimed by the critics. This launched the band into a quick singing with Kaotoxin Records, and a re-release of the album along with tours in Asia, Europe and the USA. “I Did Something Bad” is regarded by many, including, as one of the best albums of 2016

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I Shall Forgive